How To Choose Buy Bunk Beds For Kids in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Bunk Beds For Kids

Are you looking to buy bunk beds for kids in Ho Chi Minh City? You do’nt the price of a bunk bed in Vietnam is? You don’t how to choose a bunk bed for kids. Read our post below. It makes a lot of sense for you.

Bunk beds are very suitable for today’s children’s rooms . Because of Bunk Beds For Kids space-efficient and fun for the kids but selecting the right type, size and design is not as easy as it may seem. A Bunk Beds For Kids has to be safe, durable and the kids have to like it, the past being the most difficult of all sometimes. So how do you choose the right bunk bed for your kids ? The following Do Go Cho Be tips may help.

How to choose bunk beds for kids

Selecting your child’s first bunk bed very hard. Buying a bunk bed for kids is different than buying any other piece of furniture for your child’s room or your home. Please follow each step below.

Bunk Beds For Kids

Measure Your Space

Bunk beds for kids are fit for smaller spaces but can have plenty of benefits for larger rooms, too.

Start by measuring your child’s bedroom space. Along with floor space, determine ceiling height, too in your child’s bedroom .

You need to leave at least two spaces between the bunk bed and the ceiling to avoid a impact. While bunk bed heights vary, the average bunk is usually between 1.6 and 2.2 meters tall.

As for floor space, keep in mind that while a twin bunk bed might not need more than a standard twin bed . Some of its special features, such as pull-outs like drawers or trundle beds, will require more room, as might an L-shaped bunk bed.

Determine the Size of the Bunk Bed

To determine whether a twin bunk bed or full sized bunk bed better suit a your child’s bedroom space, consider the differences in size. A typical twin bunk bed measures 1.4 m Wide x 2.0 m long whereas a full bunk bed is 1.6 m wide and 2.0 m long. Bunk beds are available in twin over twin, twin over full, full over full, twin over queen, queen over queen, and extra-long bunk beds.

What are the standard bunk bed sizes?

  • The Twin over Twin bunk bed: One Twin bed on the top, one Twin bed on the bottom, the Twin over Twin is a popular choice for, well, twins!
  • The Twin over Full bunk bed: One Twin bed on the top, one Full bed on the bottom, the Twin over Full is perfect for the older child who shares a bedroom with a younger sibling.
  • The Full over Full bunk bed: One Full bed on the top, one Full bed on the bottom, the Full over Full will give two small children the bed space they can grow into.
  • The Twin loft: One Twin bed on the top and space for a desk, storage or other bedroom necessity on the bottom, the clever design of a Twin loft maximizes space in style.

Size Chart for Bunk Beds for kids

  • Twin over Twin Bunk Bed 1.0m L x 1.6m W
  • Extra Long Twin Bunk Bed 1.2m L x 1.6m W
  • Twin over Full Bunk Bed 1.0m L x 2.0m W
  • Full over Full Bunk Bed 1.2 m L x 2.0m W
  • Twin over Queen Bunk Bed 1.4 m L x 2.0m W
  • Queen over Queen Bunk Bed 1.6 m L x 2.0m W

Determine what features you need in a bunk bed

Special features in a bunk bed , such as study areas, storage, or play features such as slides or tents are available, depending on the age and needs of your child.

For children who like to have friends sleep over, bunk beds for kids with extra or pull out beds are good options. You can pick out bunk beds for kids that come with the features you desire or buy them as add-ons.

It is always worth asking your child’s opinion and consulting about your child’s needs for bunk beds. If you ignore this, you may be ignoring something.

Bunk Beds For Kids

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Select Bunk bed Your Style

Today bunk beds for kids come in an array of styles, you have plenty to choose from. You also have a choice of materials for bunk bed that you : such as all-wood, all-metal, or a combination of the two.

You can also find bunk beds for kids in all different styles. You can select style bed from traditional styles in darker woods with detailing, or go with a style that is more modern with sleek lines. Should you prefer bed style a cottage or country style, you have plenty of options. If your child prefers a bunk bed themed or novelty look, you can still find plenty to choose from.
Consider all of the different bunk bed style to find out which best meets your needs.

Choose a Bunk Bed Design

Today , In Store have so many Bunk Bed Design .Consider all of the different bunk bed design to find out which best meets your needs and baby.

Standard Bunk bed: This is your typical bunk bed with one bed on top and one bed on the bottom.

Shaped Bunk Bed: The top bunk is perpendicular to the bottom bunk, contrary to standard bunk beds where one bunk is on top and the other is on the bottom. The L-shaped bunk bed occupies more floor space than a regular bunk bed but is a space-saver compared to traditional beds that sit on the floor.

Bunk Beds For Kids

Triple Bunk Bed: This design provides sleeping space for three and is available in different configurations. Vertically stacked beds are a great space-saving solution if you have an accommodating ceiling height. Use an L-shaped design for a different look. A corner triple bunk bed offers two bunks on the bottom and one on the top.

Futon Bunk Bed: This bunk bed option with futon is a great space saver. A twin bed on top provides space for sleeping and full size futon on the bottom doubles as a sofa by day for lounging or watching TV, and as a bed by night for sleepovers. The futon bunk bed is a great choice for college kids.

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Select Bunk Bed Related Features & Functionalities

  • Bunk Beds fof kids with Trundle: The under bed trundle is perfect for overnight sleepovers; a typical twin trundle requires a 1 m clearance for a complete pullout.
  • Bunk Beds fof kids with Storage Drawers: The under-bed drawers provide extra storage capacity but require an extra 20” of clearance for full-drawer functionality.
  • Bunk Beds fof kids with Stairs: For concerned parents, stairs offer a safe and easy access to the top bunk. Some models also offer storage drawers mounted below the stairs.
  • Bunk bed with desk:  A bunk bed with desk will usually feature a loft bunk design with a built-in desk along the side panel. Variations also include two desks (one on each side).
  • Loft bed with storage: A loft bed, or a bunk bed without a bottom bunk, often comes with built-in storage space, including shelving and drawers.
  • Stairway chest :In a bunk or loft bed, a standard ladder can be replaced with a stairway chest – featuring a stairway design with spacious pull-out drawers in between each step.

Bunk Beds fof kids with Ladder or Stairs?

Typical ladders for upper bed access are either angled or vertically mounted. A typically angled ladder is mounted to the upper rail via two hooks and is easily detachable. Angled ladders are more functional as they make access to upper bed easier for an adult. One disadvantage of angled ladder as it gets in the way of under bed storage or trundle functionality. You can temporarily unhook the ladder when accessing the under bed features.

Vertical ladders mount to both upper and lower rails. They are easily detachable and don’t impede the under bed drawers or trundle functionality.

The Bunk Beds fof kids with stairs configuration is another option that makes accessing the upper bunk safer for kids. In most cases side-mounted stairs feature either front-mounted drawers or side-mounted drawers. Unlike ladders, side mounted stairs add an additional 50cm – 60cm to the length of a bunk bed.

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Make Sure Bunk beds for kids Is Safe

Bunk bed safety is important. Make sure that your bunk bed has all the safety features such as guardrails and headboards and footboards. It is also important to explain to your child that it is essential to observe all safety rules when using a bunk bed.

When researching your options, be sure the bunk bed you choose has safety and guard rails for the upper bed and meets the weight requirements of your specific situation.

Bunk Beds For Kids

How much bunk bed for Kids in Ho Chi Minh City?

In Ho Chi Minh city ,Bunk beds for children have price are quite varied. However, if a bunk bed for kids meets the quality and design requirements, it usually costs 10,000,000 VND or more. The price of a bunk bed for a child depends on the style, material and size of the bed. One factor that makes the price of bunk beds for a child higher than a bunk bed is the added features of the bed.

If your want buy bunk beds for kids call now : +84 916712526 ( ms. Mai)

Where to buy bunk beds for kids ?

One address to buy a reputable bunk bed in Ho Chi Minh is Do Go Cho Be store. Do Go Cho Be store manufactures unique and trendy bunk and single beds for childre

Do Go Cho Be store is a Vietnam based company that is an expert in manufacturing beautiful and comfortable furniture for children. They have a vast product portfolio which includes, 2 and 3 floors bunk beds for children, single bed, baby bed, decorative shelves, study tables, and much more. A company representative talks about the 2-storey and 3-storey bunk beds for children. 2 and 3 storey bunk beds are perfect for siblings. These beds have enough space for at least three children. Bunk beds are an excellent investment for growing families.

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Contact Details:

Contact Info:

  • Name: Ms.Mail
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  • Organization: Do Go Cho Be
  • Address: 616 Pham Van Chieu, Ward 13, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: +84 916712526 ( Zalo , Whatapp,Viber )
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If your want buy bunk beds for kids call now : +84 916712526 ( ms. Mai)

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